What is carpooling?

Whether for an occasional or regular trip, personal or professional, if you want to travel while saving money, carpooling is for you! Indeed, by favoring this way of getting around, you share not only your car but also the associated costs to get to the same place. So you have everything to gain: company and savings, while respecting the environment! Be careful, you must not make a profit, it must be friendly service. Any euros collected must only be used to contribute to transport costs (fuel and / or toll). Otherwise, it becomes a professional activity and you will have to take out specific insurance.

What car insurance to take out?

To carpool with your vehicle, you must, at a minimum, have taken out Civil Liability insurance. The latter is in any case compulsory and will take care of your passengers if you are responsible for an accident.  In the event of a non-responsible claim, the opposing driver’s insurance will take care of compensating your fellow travelers. But what about your own personal injury? It all depends on the contract you have chosen. Insured only at Third Party, you will unfortunately not be covered. You will only be compensated if you have thought of taking out the Personal Driver’s Guarantee.

Inform your insurer!

First of all, you must inform your insurer of your intention to carpool with your car. Do you have the ‘loan of the wheel’ option? If so, you can let one of the people traveling with you drive without any problem. Conversely, if you are the only one authorized to drive your vehicle, because of what is called the exclusive driving clause, you must ask your insurance to add a second driver to allow him to take over from you during the trip. . This will save you from paying a high deductible in the event of a problem, especially if it is new to driving. Thus, if your sidekick were to cause an accident, the insurance would cover the damage. Be careful, however, if there is a penalty, it will be for you! Indeed, as a subscriber, you are solely responsible for your car.